October 23, 2023

By: Chelsea Gutierrez (G11A-Empathy)


GENERAL TRIAS CITY, CAVITE - Newly elected student and parent officers were warmly greeted with applause by Franciscans during the induction ceremony held after the holy mass at St. Francis of Assisi Parish Church last Wednesday morning, October 9, 2023. 


The induction ceremony was participated by the general parent-teacher association officers, or GPTA, as well as the student leaders and club officers of the school. According to Aradel Lazaro, elected GPTA treasurer, the highest priority of their organization is to maintain a positive relationship between teachers and parents in order to enhance the facilities of the school for a better learning environment for students. 


"I said to my fellow officers and parents who declined the role of being a leader that it is better if we have time management so we can accomplish all the tasks that are planned. Don't be afraid to become a leader, because this is their chance to learn how to interact with the people around them," stated by Lazaro.


In addition, the induction ceremony was achieved successfully with the assistance of Ms. Shierney Ann P. Reterta, External Relations Coordinator, Mr. Richard Rigor, OSA Coordinator, who led the oath-taking and announcements at the event which resulted in a smooth declaration of the official officers of each organization and their responsibilities and obligations.


Furthermore, the official officers are focused on the upcoming events for the 29th founding anniversary of the school that will be held next month. The future events served as an opportunity to showcase their leadership skills and to execute their advocacies.